34 points 10 rebounds 8 assists! Come back, the familiar Harden is finally coming back.

In the game https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.comended in the morning, the Nets were 2 points in 112-110 victory.

Today is the day of the Harden fans completely frightened, Congratulations to Harden to play the best performance of this season.

It should not be said that the most painful fans of the season is a fans of the fans, Owen’s fans, and Owen don’t have to say more, the key is Harden,

The super score of the 36.1 points of the hall, suddenly pulled the cross, and the fans had passed the road to ridicule, uncommon.

Miss honey is angry, but it is true, and his stars are not in a state, and others are not hard enough to spray the waist.

Today, it is a good start.

28 points in the first half, 34 points of 10 rebounds 8 assists 3 steals, some fans don’t say that Harden legs are not good, Lord is not worth it?

Today,https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com he will not only walk, but even fly up to complete the buckle, and there is a feeling of dream back 28.

After this ball ended, Harden’s three-pointers in the three-pointers also officially broke through 2,500, and became the fourth player who met the achievement in the history of NBA.

At present, the ranking on the three-step list: one library of two thunders.

As we all know, Harden can take the high score, this game is basically stable.

As a dual-core driver, the Net is another core called human 27 points,

For example, today, no matter in the first half, there is a multi-pull, the game ends you, and it is a 27 + 5 + 9. 6 points in Durant, 21 points in the second half

For Adu, these 27 points are like the deposit in the bank, when you want to take it, unless the bank is closed, it may not be able https://www.maillotbasket6.com to get it.

Just say, the game has not yet played, you can ensure that the Nets have already held 28 points (the interval two points floats).

There is also a Warriors in similar situations.

The game has not been played yet. The Warriors are directly considered to +18 points, because their team has a human 18 points essence (floating in the interval).

Knicks, Randel is recorded 24 minutes and 9 rebounds 8 assists, basically, basic,

Buffs ushered in a small outbreak, cutting 25 minutes and 5 rebounds 5 assists.

Lao Lu is a bit like a bit like Harden, and Rose took 16 points and 5 rebounds 9 assists.

The first half of the attack is returned to the next half, selfless is selfless,

But saying, fans also want to see you more than a few trends. Ball in your hand, everyone is very relieved.

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