16 consecutive victories! 2W + 1W + 5K! NBA history is the first person

Beijing time on November 28th, the home of the Net. This game is not easy for the Net. The sun has gone 15 consecutive victories, which is the strongest team of the league. The sun is back to carry back, can the Net bring a physical strength? Before the Nash competition, “said with this sun, it will be a measure of the Net.”

Nash is too much with the sun, it may not be finished one day. The longest winning record of the solar team is 17 consecutive victories, which is created in Nash. Before this game, the basket is 14 wins and 5 negative rankings.

I thought this was a more enemy, I didn’t expect the game, just opened the net! https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com The first quarter was only held for 6 minutes, the sun shouted 21-8 attack wave, Bak 5 in 4 unique 12 points! The first battle, the sun is 14 points more than 20! There have been 8 mistakes in the basket network, and the Sun’s team has only 2 mistakes.

The second section of the basket is warm, and the single section gets 26 points, and the sun also has 22 points. After the half is finished, the sun is 56 to 46 leads two digits. Bark half a field, Paul 12 points 3 board 2 help. Paul’s career is another milestone: 20000 points + 10000 assists +5000 rebounds, he is the first player who got this data in NBA history!

Someone will ask, what about James? He is currently 35,000 scored +9800 rebound +9700 assists, James’s total assassination has not arrived at 10,000, he can reach 35000 + 10,000 + 10,000 epic data. NBA’s https://www.maillotbasket6.com data and records, Paul is the first player to reach 20000 points + 10000 help +5000 boards!

Basket Network Durant half a game 12 points 4 board 2 help 2 broken, this Bryi 10 points, Harden 8 shot 1 get 4 points 9 board 9 help! Bridges played a role in Harden, and the bridge was 9 minutes and 6 steals. He was 6 times in his career single scene. Griffin is also dnP, not hit in a minute, so in this Bryi is good.

This Bryi is 9 in the entire field. 9, get 18 points and 9 rebounds, the efficiency is quite high. Unfortunately, the people who can stand up in the basket can be too small, three battles, the sun leads to 18 points. Seeing the fourth quarter to become a junk time, the basketball player finally woke up! The last 1 minute and 20 seconds, the Nets chased only 7 points, but unfortunately the Mills critical triple https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com biased.

The fourth defensive strength of the basket network increased significantly, and the one-section caused the sun 8 mistakes. Unfortunately, the phenotype of the top three was too big. At the end of the game, the sun is 113 to 107 to overcome the basket network, and he will gain 16 consecutive victories! The basket is more than 50% of the game in the season, 4 wins and 6 losses. When the sun faces a winning rate of more than 50%, 7 wins and 1 loss!

Bark 18, get 30 points 4 assistance; Paul 19 in 19, get 22 points 8 plates 5 help; Bridges 13 points 6 plates 7 break, break the career single-screen steal record. Durant played 45 minutes, 28 shots 13, empty cut 39 points 9 board 7 help 4 steals 1 cover; Harden 15 shot only 4, get 12 points 13 plate 14 help 1 steal 2 cover 7 mistakes.

In the fourth quarter of the competition, the home fans home fans gave the brother, and his state is not good today. The next opponent is a warrior, and the peak of the alliance is coming!

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